About Us

Business today across borders.

Viper Water Solutions manufacture & supply high quality polythene pipe and related products for farms, cattle stations, mines, irrigation, and development projects.

  • High quality products made to Australian standards
  • 20mm to 160mm; all pressure ratings
  • Large scale coiling systems
  • Customised coil sizes
  • Highly skilled operations management
  • 25+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Central site location
Mission & Vision

The Mission of VIPER Water Solutions

To continue, “Home Safe” everyday.

At Viper, we strive to excite our customers with new products and methods, making the work they do easier.

We provide quality and innovation for applications using our products and services.

Viper Water Solutions contributes to building a sustainable and environmental future for everyone to share, as our mission is to:

  • Grow a company culture of achievement and gratitude.
  • Develop innovative products through research and out-of-the box thinking approach.
  • Provide a range of products for one stop shopping.
  • Offer quality guarantee products for our customers’ peace of mind.