Certificate of Conformity

Technical Information & Guidelines

The Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia (PIPA) Limited, is the peak industry body representing the interests of Australia’s plastics pipes, fittings and raw material suppliers.

At VIPER Water Solutions, we manufacture products in accordance with Australian standards, specifications and POP guidelines as developed and endorsed by PIPA. 

PIPA Technical Guidelines

POP 001-018 (Polyolefin Guidelines)

POP0018.1August 2021Electrofusion Jointing of PE pipe Fittings for Pressure Applications
POP0026.9August 2014Polyethylene (PE) Pipes and Fittings for Compressed Air
POP0037.0June 2018Butt Fusion Jointing of PE Pipes and Fittings – Recommended Parameters
POP0072.6November 2018 Metal Backing Flanges for Use with Polyethylene (PE) Pipe Flange Adaptors
POP010A5.1May 2010Part 1: Polyethylene Pressure Pipes Design for Dynamic Stresses
POP010B5.1March 2010Part 2: Fusion Fittings for Use with Polyethylene Pressure Pipes Design for Dynamic Stresses
POP0133.0July 2019Temperature Rerating of PE Pipes
POP0141.1August 2015Assessment of Polyethylene Welds
POP0181.1April 2019Polyethylene Drinking Water Pipes in Contact with Chlorine and Chloramine Disinfectants
POP2031.0December 2007Polyolefins and PVC Guidelines Identification of Buried Pipe Systems